What we can do for you.  By partnering with other
quality professionals, we can provide engineering, design,
help with window selection, solar (See
Simply Efficient),
HVAC specifications, and assistance in receiving Federal
and Colorado tax credits. With the coordination of all
these components, your new SIP home will become an
integrated, energy efficient, money saving team.

Our panels are all top quality, brand name, certified
panels, produced and manufactured here in the USA to
the strictest standards .  See
"Product Information" for
more details.  Also, the "R" values given are for a whole
wall value.  The "R" values for a stick built house are given
for a specific section of wall.  Since a 2 X 6 stud has an
"R" value of about 4-6, the whole wall "R" value is much
less than the advertised "R" value. Plus, the foam does an
excellent job of stopping air infiltration, keeping the warm
air in and the cold air out in the winter, and the cool air in
and the hot air out in the summer.   See what
Home and
Garden TV Pro has to say about SIP's.  Also, see the
comments from
Mother Earth News.
Welcome to Precision Building Products

We offer Colorado custom made, green, cost effective,
energy efficient products to build your home, condominium or
commercial construction. These products are Structural
Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF's)
  The professionally engineered SIP panels are sized and cut to
close tolerances to assure easy and accurate assembly,  
meeting all local codes, including wind and snow loads.  
Please read
Residential Construction  from Advanced Building
and Development if you're thinking about building a home or a
condo.  Looking for more information about SIP's and ICF's?  
Go to the
Green Building Talk Forums.
Benefits of SIP's :

  • 60% energy savings vs. 2x wood studs and 69%
    energy savings vs. steel studs according to Federal test
    data by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

  • Builders can  promote the advantages of an Energy
    Star® Certified structure; plus the builder may be able
    to qualify for up to a $2,000 tax credit under the  
    Federal Energy Bill for homes or $2.40 per sq ft for
    commercial buildings.

  • 53% less raw wood material required and trees cut
    versus conventional framed homes, i.e. environmentally
    friendly materials.

  • Total Quality Control (TQC) with your architectural
    plans converted to CAD for panels, builder or architect
    validates plan dimensional accuracy and “signs off”
    approval; plus 100% audit of panel dimensional
    accuracy at the factory.

Note: Additional savings are achieved when you consider      
shortened construction loan time, reduction in cost for HVAC
unit, and simplified electrical wiring and dry wall installation,
which results in lower total project cost.

To see a short movie how it works, click here
Many Colorado counties (if not all) have gone over to the new residential insulation building codes.  That is, walls
were a minimum of R-19, are now a minimum of R-21.  Ceilings were a minimum of R-38, and are now a minimum
of R-49.   That means that a 2X6 wall with R-19 batt insulation won’t pass code, and it will be more expensive to
build a stick built home than before.  And, a SIP home that meets these local codes is now much more competitive
in price to a stick built. If you want to contact me, please click here
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