Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF's)

Benefits of ICF's:

Energy-Efficient: Walls that provide an energy-efficient (R-25 up to R-40) thermal barrier with a
thermal-mass benefit that results in reduced heating costs and reduced cooling costs.

Cost-Effective: Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction is competitive with other building
methods, including ICF block systems, concrete block (CMU), tilt-up concrete, SIP construction,
stick-framed construction and conventional concrete forms.

Environmentally Friendly: Forms incorporate recycled materials, reduce the strain on our forests
and reduce our energy requirements through efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality: Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) buildings maintain a superior air quality and
level of comfort.

Soundproof: The density of concrete combine with the insulating properties of EPS result in
extremely quiet and comfortable structures.

Benefits of Concrete Construction:

Strong: Concrete has been the most widely used building material for centuries, and many ancient
concrete buildings are still standing today.

Long Lasting: Quality structures save money and resources and are an investment in our future.

Fire Proof: Concrete buildings are less vulnerable to total loss from fire.

Tornado Proof: Reinforced concrete walls can be designed to withstand 200 mph. winds.

Hurricane Proof: Properly designed and built concrete structures have been proven time and
again to withstand hurricane forces.