ICC – International Code Conference

NER – National Evaluation Report

ICBO – Int’l Conference of Building Officials

BOCA – Building Officials Code Administration

SBC – Southern Building Code

IRC– International Residential Code

FBC– Florida Building Code

California Title #25 – California Certification

Underwriters Laboratory – Tested and approved for 1-hour burn under U532
These US and International certifications assure you that our product meets your building
department’s permit requirements, and that quality is built into every structure we produce.
See the U.S. Federal Government’s Oak Ridge Report testing the efficiency of the current building and
insulating methods available today at
Pay particular attention to the "whole Wall "R" value" in the chart and # 11, which are SIP's.

The following summarizes the process steps for a typical home:

Step 1: Architectural plans are provided for home.

Step 2: Within two (2) weeks, ABD’s drafting department converts architectural plans to panelized system

Step 3: ABD’s Professional Engineers calculate structural design requirements taking into consideration
wind, snow and hurricane loads, and validates plans meet building code requirements

Step 4: ABD submits the panel plans to the builder for final approval and signoff.

Step 5:.Approved plans are converted to Detailed Drawings to produce the panels

Step 6: Within four (4) weeks of plan approval, ABD will deliver to the construction site numbered panels,
and all the accessories, including: beams, lumber, panel screws, sealant, and plans for assembly.

Step 7: ABD’s “Certified Trainer” is available to train the builder’s construction crew at the construction site
on how to take advantage of the construction efficiency of ABD’s Engineered Building System.

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